North Carolina Divorce and Equitable Distribution of Property

In North Carolina, the division of marital property in a divorce is called equitable distribution. “Equitable“ does not mean exactly equal, but a division of property that's fair under all the circumstances. At Davis & Davis, Attorneys at Law, PC, we strive to efficiently resolve disputes over equitable distribution, with the goal of protecting our clients' property interests.

We have handled divorces involving long-term marriages and extensive marital estates, marriages of short duration with few assets, and everything in between. Our attorneys have considerable experience not only with assets that are relatively simple to value and divide, but also with complex assets such as businesses and investment property. At Davis & Davis, we know that equitable distribution of your marital property is about more than just material goods. Our mission is to protect your rights while giving you the personal support you need through this challenging transition.

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Dividing marital property in a North Carolina divorce is about much more than money; it's a tangible representation of the security that you hoped to have in marriage, and that you need to establish for your future. As experienced litigators, we advocate tirelessly for a truly equitable property division so that you can feel comfortable moving forward with your life.

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