Divorce is a difficult time for families. Whether you need to file for divorce, or your spouse has already done so, you likely have many concerns and questions. Who will have custody of the children? How much will child support be? How is property divided? At Davis & Davis, Attorneys at Law, PC, the first thing we do is to listen to you, answer your questions, and develop an understanding of your needs in your divorce and for your life afterward. Together with you, we formulate a plan. Then we advocate for you from start to finish.

Davis & Davis offers clients the advantage of attorneys with years of experience both in family law and in the courts of Rowan County and the surrounding North Carolina counties. We understand the intricacies of North Carolina divorce law and how the court system operates, and we strive to make the divorce process less stressful and more successful for you. While most family law cases in North Carolina and elsewhere settle prior to a trial, our extensive experience in litigation means we have the courtroom skills to successfully argue any North Carolina domestic case. That means we will never accept a settlement offer just to avoid a trial; we will only settle your case if that is truly in your best interests.

Serving Rowan County and the Surrounding North Carolina Communities

Going through a divorce can feel like your world has been turned upside down. At Davis & Davis, we work to put control of your future back in your hands. We pride ourselves on being accessible and responsive. And at a time when you may feel too overwhelmed to stand up for yourself, we are there to protect what's most important to you.

To speak with one of our divorce attorneys, please contact Davis & Davis by calling (704) 639-1900. Based in Salisbury, North Carolina, we serve Rowan County and the surrounding communities.