Salisbury, NC Family Law Attorneys

For nearly seven decades, Davis & Davis, Attorneys at Law, PC has supported North Carolina residents who are in the midst of family law disputes or transitions. We are a family-owned law firm, and we understand how important your family, and especially your children, are to you. We share your commitment to protecting them, and we are dedicated to helping you through the difficult legal transitions that affect your family.

Compassionate Counsel, Powerful Advocacy for Rowan County Family Law Matters

When you are involved in a family law matter, you need compassionate, knowledgeable guidance as well someone who can stand up for you when it's difficult to advocate for yourself. At Davis & Davis, we are experienced litigators who care about our clients. We represent clients in all types of family law cases, including:

We offer our clients the support, information and advocacy they need from the beginning of their family law case through its resolution. Though most family law matters are resolved by settlement, not a trial, we are experienced litigators as well as skilled negotiators. Because we are confident in our ability to successfully try any North Carolina family law case, we only accept a settlement on a client's behalf if it is truly in his or her best interests. Because we have been established in the community for decades, our opponents know and respect our reputation, leading to better outcomes for our clients.

We invite you to read more about our areas of family law practice, and we welcome you to contact Davis & Davis, for more information about our services. Based in Salisbury, we serve Rowan County and the surrounding North Carolina counties.

Salisbury, NC Family Law Attorneys


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