North Carolina Murder and Violent Crimes Defense Attorneys

If charged with murder in North Carolina under state or federal law, you are dealing with the most serious felony charge possible. You could be facing life in prison or even the death penalty. Even if you are given a lighter sentence or are convicted of a lesser offense, the conviction will have a profound impact on you and your family for the rest of your life. If there was ever a time to invest in the best defense attorneys you can get, this is it.

At Davis & Davis, Attorneys at Law, PC, we pride ourselves on being those attorneys. Our firm boasts decades of experience in defending the most serious crimes, including murder, assault, weapons charges and other violent felonies. We are skilled litigators, defending our clients in the courts of Rowan County and the surrounding areas every day. Our senior partner, James A. Davis, has been counsel of record in 28 murders; has litigated a number to verdict; and has received a number of lesser included and not guilty verdicts, even for capital murder. He is the only attorney in Rowan County, and one of only sixty-two in the state, to be certified by the State Bar of North Carolina as a specialist in federal and state criminal law. In addition to years of experience, and exceptional skill and knowledge, we are simply the hardest-working firm in the area, tirelessly pursuing justice for you.

Experienced Salisbury, NC Homicide Defense Attorneys

When you're charged with a serious felony such as first-degree or second-degree murder or voluntary or involuntary manslaughter, your defense attorney is the only thing that stands between you and the government's determination to convict you. You deserve a fair trial and due process as guaranteed by the United States Constitution. Davis & Davis leaves no stone unturned in your defense. We actively pursue all evidence and testimony that could exonerate you, and carefully identify and exploit any weaknesses in the prosecution's case. If the case makes it to trial, we are experienced advocates in the courtroom with an impressive record of success.

To speak with one of our experienced violent crime defense attorneys, please contact Davis & Davis by calling (704) 639-1900. Based in Salisbury, North Carolina, we serve Rowan County and the surrounding communities.