Salisbury, NC Civil Litigation Attorneys

The prospect of litigation can be intimidating, but there are some disputes that simply cannot be effectively resolved outside of the court system. The attorneys of Davis & Davis, Attorneys at Law, PC are skilled trial lawyers who go to court not just occasionally, but every day. We are known and respected in the courts of Rowan County and neighboring counties for our meticulous preparation and our advocacy.

Although we have handled thousands of cases since our founding in 1950, we recognize that for each of our clients, whether plaintiff or defendant, their case is momentous, possibly life-changing. Therefore, there is no such thing as a “routine” case to us; we take each matter as seriously as our client does. We know the concerns that can accompany a legal case, and we make it a priority to be accessible and responsive to our clients so that their experience of the legal process is as stress-free as possible.

Powerful Advocacy for Rowan County, NC Civil Litigation Matters

Few people intend to become involved in a legal dispute, but as a result of divorce, injury, accident, or business disagreement, many find themselves in that position. Davis & Davis represents clients in a broad range of North civil litigation matters, including:

  • Family Law and Divorce
  • Personal Injury
  • Real Property Disputes
  • Contract Disputes
  • Insurance Disputes
  • Will Contests and Probate Disputes

We have been litigating these, and many other civil issues for nearly seven decades. We understand the complicated legal process, and have a record of success that speaks for itself. We provide dedicated support and powerful advocacy for our clients at every step of the legal process, including filing or responding to pleadings; dealing with discovery; alternative dispute resolution processes like arbitration and mediation; settlement negotiations; trial; post-trial relief; and the appeals process.

Not every lawsuit ends in a trial; many cases reach settlement before or after a lawsuit is filed. Our skill as litigators gives us leverage in settlement negotiations, and the experience to succeed at trial if an acceptable settlement cannot be reached.

We invite you to read more about our civil litigation practice. We welcome you to contact Davis & Davis for more information about our services. Based in Salisbury, we serve Rowan County and the surrounding North Carolina counties.

Salisbury, NC Civil Litigation Attorneys

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