Family Law

Family Law

Family Law For nearly seven decades, Davis & Davis, Attorneys at Law, PC has supported North Carolina residents who are in the midst of family law disputes or transitions. We are a family-owned law firm, and we understand how important your family, and espe… Read More


Divorce is a difficult time for families. Whether you need to file for divorce, or your spouse has already done so, you likely have many concerns and questions. Who will have custody of the children? How much will child support be? How is property di… Read More

Child Custody & Support

One of the primary concerns for divorcing or separating parents is the well-being of their children, including how custody determinations will affect them. If you are a parent facing divorce or separation, you are probably worried about making sure y… Read More

Equitable Distribution

In North Carolina, the division of marital property in a divorce is called equitable distribution. “Equitable“ does not mean exactly equal, but a division of property that’s fair under all the circumstances. At Davis & Davis, Attorneys… Read More

Alienation of Affection

The end of a marriage is never easy, but it is made more painful when caused by a spouse’s emotional or sexual infidelity. In North Carolina, if there is genuine love and affection between you and your spouse, and another person’s actions… Read More

Post-Separation Support and Alimony

Financial issues are a frequent concern for people who are getting divorced. In particular, many people are concerned about how they will support themselves during and after the divorce process. In North Carolina, courts may award two types of spousa… Read More
Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense Whether you have been charged with something as small as a traffic ticket or as serious as murder, you need an attorney who truly understands criminal defense to protect your rights and possibly your freedom. Liberty matters. Our forefathers and the… Read More

Felonies & Misdemeanors

Being charged with a crime in North Carolina is a serious matter. While felonies, some of which carry mandatory prison time, are the most serious crimes, misdemeanors may also have long-term consequences. Any criminal conviction can cost you your emp… Read More

Driving While Impaired (DWI)

Without realizing you’ve done so, you may consume enough alcohol to push your breath or blood alcohol content (BAC) over the legal limit to operate a motor vehicle. Many people who have never been in any kind of legal trouble suddenly find them… Read More

Drug Offenses

In recent years, both North Carolina and the federal government have grown more serious about prosecuting drug crimes. The result has been that individuals in North Carolina have been facing increasingly severe punishment for drug offenses. Convictio… Read More

Federal Crimes

Some crimes, such as certain white-collar crimes or crimes involving drugs or firearms, may be prosecuted under either state or federal law. Other crimes involve the violation of federal statutes and are always dealt with by federal prosecutors and j… Read More


If charged with murder in North Carolina under state or federal law, you are dealing with the most serious felony charge possible. You could be facing life in prison or even the death penalty. Even if you are given a lighter sentence or are convicted… Read More


A momentary mistake or error in judgment can lead to a criminal conviction. That conviction can follow you for years, damaging your reputation and your ability to find and keep work, and affecting your life in myriad ways, even long after you’v… Read More
Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation The prospect of litigation can be intimidating, but there are some disputes that simply cannot be effectively resolved outside of the court system. The attorneys of Davis & Davis, Attorneys at Law, PC are skilled trial lawyers who go to court not… Read More

Personal Injury

When you’ve been injured, whether in a car accident, a slip-and-fall, or by other negligence, all you want is to get your life back the way it was before you were hurt. In addition to pain, loss of function, and worry about your recovery, a ser… Read More


Most people enter into contracts on a regular basis: contracts to buy or sell property, perform or receive services, employment contracts, rental agreements, leases, and more. Most of the time the parties to the contracts do what they’ve agreed… Read More